Born into one of Scarborough’s oldest fishing families and with my parents owning a well- established seafood business on the quayside, I spent virtually my entire childhood by the sea. Working from a very young age, I always loved talking to the holidaymakers, understood the importance of good customer service and developed a good head for business that I knew I could develop in the future.

I loved school. I had a passion for learning and in particular for writing, unsurprisingly therefore upon graduating from university, I became an English Teacher and continued to pass on the love for my subject and the written word.

Just towards the end of what had been a long career break for me after having our two lovely girls, Shane (after many years of talking about it!) made a saw. I’d never picked up a saw before in my life and had absolutely no knowledge about them at all, but I could see that what he had made was truly magnificent. I thought I could turn it into a business and within just only two months I did! 

We work hard and often extra hours at both ends of the day, but both Shane and I share a passion and a belief for what we are doing and are dedicated to producing some of the finest handcrafted saws in the world and likewise offering a personal high class bespoke customer service. We both bring very different skills to the business and that’s I believe, and what others have commented makes it exceptional.

If you’re interested in a saw please call or email me and I’ll reply as soon as I can.