The Archer






















Love is in the air… Specifically designed for cutting small stock up to 3/8” wide, the nimble Archer Saw is ideally suited for undertaking intricate joints found on small drawers and jewellery boxes. Fast and straight-cutting due to its extremely thin and rigid saw plate, the rear of the blade features a unique Cupid’s bow, symbolic through the ages of everlasting love. Furthermore, Shane has skilfully crafted a complementary Cupid’s arrow into the brass back. Again, this is symbolic, for he sees the arrow being shot into your work on the push stroke and yet the arrow actually shoots back at you the user on the pull, thus firing the love of using the tool back at you.

With its superb balance, whilst a small tool The Archer feels substantial in the hand. The design and aesthetics of this saw are indicative of 18th Century tools, but with 21st Century benefits. Featuring a masterfully constructed tapered semi-symmetrical octagonal handle, inspired by a pattern synonymously used by the best quality chisel makers of the day. What makes Shane’s design different however is that at the rear of the handle each flat sweeps around to form a perfect radius, quite a complex undertaking. This handle provides maximum comfort, with the hand naturally making an octagonal to cup the shape of the handle seamlessly in place, this allowing for repeatability each time you pick up the saw.

The Archer has both an elegance cosmetically and in use, making light of the finest of dovetails. A small Gent’s Saw that was initially drawn in the first week of the 2020 lockdown and brought to life in the following weeks. It was created in a time of people collectively coming together, showing compassion, sharing love, standing strong and having hope for the future. Generally, it is myself that names and creates the stories behind the saws. The name of this one being partly inspired by listening to the Taylor Swift song ‘The Archer’ at that time. The song questions who might be determined enough to be her true love and includes the line ‘But who could stay?’ In terms of The Archer Saw, it’s true to say that any woodworker that ever picks up one of these saws will know, it’s a keeper!

  • 7½” Fine Gents Saw

  • Canted Blade 1-5/16” at heel to 1-3/16” at toe

  • 0.002” Set per side

  • 0.012” Plate thickness

  • Rip 21ppi / 20tpi

  • Tapered semi-symmetrical octagonal handle in a choice of high-grade timbers either single timber species or a second timber species can be added for the last inch as a collar adjacent to the brass

  • Features a fluted tapered brass back with a skilfully crafted arrow tip

  • Stamped ‘LONDON’ & ‘S SKELTON’

  • Price £350 as standard or £400 with a collar Plus £10 Shipping in the UK & £15 overseas