Skelton Swift 11 3/4" Dovetail Saw





















'The man who has no imagination has no wings’ – Muhammad Ali


Elegant and graceful both aesthetically and in functionality the design concept for the Skelton Swift is inspired entirely by flight. Since a young boy, Shane has always had a fascination with the legendary Spitfire, this saw however reflects the innovations of Supermarine’s first jet fighter the Swift. Designed by Joseph Smith and commissioned by Sir Winston Churchill, Supermarine’s Swift incorporated revolutionary innovations. Most notable were its distinctive swept wings that made it the most aerodynamic of planes capable of reaching record breaking speeds. And whilst the service of the Swift Jet was quite short-lived this design feature can still be seen on its contemporaries today, demonstrating that the best innovations always stand the test of time. Undoubtedly the swept wings of the Supermarine Swift had been inspired by the scythe like wings of the swift bird. One of the fastest aerial movers, we loved the fact that this bird exists almost permanently on the wing, eating, sleeping and mating whilst in flight and it’s true to say that once you experience the fast yet smooth cutting of the Skelton Swift Saw that you too will never want it to land. With the upper horn blanketing around top of your hand and the lower horn resting against your lower wrist, this saw feels light and nimble in the hand and effortless to use.







The Skelton Swift Saw marks our 5-year celebration here at Skelton Saws, and it is of no coincidence that we have chosen to develop the theme of flight for this is really how our story began. Sir George Cayley, ‘The father of aviation’ was born here in Scarborough and resided a few miles up the road from us in a village called Brompton. The first ever piece of timber that we bought when we were looking into making saws was an old piece of English Walnut from a tree in Brompton which had fallen near to where Cayley had once lived. The small board of walnut eventually became beautiful saws, and the most wonderful part of the story is that a pair of them too are now owned, cherished and used regularly by a pilot.






This saw sees the re-introduction of the traditional Skelton medallion, featuring the peacock in all its glory. Shane, has however created a greater symmetry with this saw by hand-turning a split saw nut of the same diameter for the opposite side. Adorned with many sweeps, curves and radii that could only be created by hand, this aerodynamic looking feat of creativity is now available to migrate to many toolboxes around the world.

  • 11¾” Dovetail Saw

  • A uniquely tapered brass back with incurvate spear

  • A radius swept frontage to both brass and blade

  • Hand fluting to underside of brass

  • Traditional Skelton Saws hand-turned medallion and symmetrical split saw nut on reverse side

  • Canted blade 1- 3/4” at heel to 1-5/8” at toe

  • 0.015” Plate thickness

  • Open pistol grip handle in a choice of high-grade timbers custom made to palm size

  • Rip 17ppi / 16tpi

  • 0.002” Set per side

  • Cost £475.00 Plus £15 postage UK / £25 Overseas

Sir George Cayley.jpg

Sir George Cayley 1773-1857

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swift bird 1.jpg
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