The 9 3/32” Seaton Chest Kenyon Dovetail Saw

One of John Kenyon’s finest examples of 18th Century saw making art, this dovetail saw was specifically designed to compete against London made saws of that time. Although Christopher Gabriel, a well-known plane maker and tool retailer sold the work of several leading London saw makers, he selected only the highest quality tools and at that moment in time this Kenyon saw albeit from a Sheffield maker was ranked above all other saws.

Looking almost definitely quite modern and somewhat futuristic in its appearance for the era, the Kenyon Dovetail Saw had lost the rounded cheek, had longer horns and incorporated much more finer details than any saw that had been made before. It was indeed the show-stopper of its day!

Always believing that you can still improve on what is perceived already to be perfection, Shane has made some improvements to the original. This saw therefore features what Shane has uniquely created and named a ‘millfold back’ This incorporates all the benefits of a folded back and yet with the cutting accuracy of a milled back. This design also features a removable front pin and a protruding rear lug, secured snugly by the front saw bolt. The elongated lug is recessed deep into the handle extending the rigidity of the back through the cheek, thus eliminating movement in the wood and maintaining an aligned blade. One of the main improvements with this back design however is the incorporation of the new ‘back-pushing’ element. With traditional saw construction the saw bolts holding the handle are drilled and clamped onto the blade and during the forward pushing force of sawing the blade is compressed and this fights against the tension that has been applied. Unlike this Shane’s unique design clamps both the back and the blade in a solid and rigid manner, thus eradicating compression when sawing. Furthermore, this stops the potential of vibration and also helps to manage the extra expansion when the blade warms up during cutting.

  • A small saw with big potential therefore, the 9 3/32” fine toothed dovetail saw with a high hang can tackle both through and mitred / lap dovetails. Originally best suited and used for the construction of Georgian drawers, the original saw costing six shillings back in 1797 was the equivalent of three days pay for a highly skilled craftsman.

  • 9 3/32” Dovetail Saw

  • 0.015” Plate thickness

  • Blade depth at the heel 1-1/2” to 1-3/8” at the toe

  • Rip 20ppi / 19tpi

  • 1:1 copy of original traditional open pistol grip handle custom made to fit and in a choice of high grade timbers (Limited Edition in ¼ sawn Wimbledon beech)

  • Brass back incorporating the unique millfold back-pusher design and stamped ‘Skelton Spring’ & ‘London’

  • Features the Skelton Saws trademark spear top where the brass meets the handle

  • Limited Edition is stamped JS on handle to match that of BS on the original

  • Price £550 Plus £15 shipping in the UK & £25 overseas

  • Limited Edition Price £750 Plus £15 Shipping in the UK & £25 overseas

  • (25 available)

Original Seaton Chest Photographs by Richard Arnold