A very rare opportunity to purchase a 'Number 1' saw (The prototype) The Arc Saw designed for veneer & inlaying has a 3" curved blade and a cleverly handmade tapered semi-symmetrical octagonal handle. The wood on this handle is also very special, as it is a piece of very fine flamed English Plum that's hailed from the Skelton garden, here outside Scarborough. At his family home, originally belonging to his grandparents and now his parents, Shane had watched this tree grow for many years, but then sadly a few years ago it succumbed to a storm. 

The Arc has a fluted back, is stamped both LONDON & S SKELTON and is 21ppi / 20tpi Filed Rip and does not have any set. 

It would make a fantastic and very special gift for any woodworker and tool collector alike. Christmas is coming.... 

The price includes postage to anywhere in the world. 

The Arc (Very Rare No.1 Prototype)