Simply and aptly named due to its curved blade, The Arc saw is a beautiful tool which will make the art of inlaying and veneering a pure joy. It’s uniquely designed upturned handle can be made in a premium wood of your choice and ensures that your knuckles don’t get in the way when using the saw.  With an exceptionally fine profile and having no set and cutting on either the pull or push stroke, The Arc cuts using a rolling motion and the user is able to maintain great control. Another great feature of this nimble little saw is that you can cut out sections and not always have to work from end to end thus allowing you to inlay a small section. Super for cutting to a point, this backed veneer & inlaying saw is highly tensioned. It is therefore rigid, and having a fine kerf one can slice some thin cuts that are notably smooth straight off the saw.

Whether you are a beginner or up there with the likes of internationally renowned marqueteur Yannick Chastang, the Arc will certainly put a happy arc on your face!

A rare opportunity to purchase a saw from us without having to wait over a year. This is a saw that Shane had made to to take to a woodworking show in November but that has now been cancelled due to current restrictions, 

  • Versatile Veneer & Inlaying Saw
  • Tapered semi-symmetrical octagonal handle in English Cherry from Shane's family garden
  • Fluted brass back
  • Stamped ‘LONDON’ & ‘S SKELTON’
  • 3” curved blade
  • 0.012” Plate thickness
  • 19ppi / 18tpi Rip
  • No set
  • Cost £400 plus postage

The Arc Rare English Cherry From Skelton Garden Number 6