• 13 ¾” Fine Carcass Saw
  • Number 1 (10 in total available)
  • 0.018” Plate thickness
  • Canted blade 2-3/8” at heel to 2” at toe
  • Open Pistol Grip Castello Boxwood Handle (Other timbers and sizes available for commissions) Number 1 is suitable for up to a 97mm Palm
  • A unique tapered and shaped brass back
  • Double stamped and struck on either side of brass back with traditional 18th Century style makers marks ‘S.SKELTON’ & ‘J.SKELTON’
  • Stamped ‘LONDON’ in honour of William Squire one of the greatest saw makers in 18th Century London and to whose work provided inspiration for this tool.
  • 0.003” Set per side
  • Filed Fine Rip 16ppi / 15tpi
  • Cost £600 Plus £15 Worldwide Postage Total = £615

Limited Edition London Long Stroke 13 3/4" Fine Carcass Saw No.1