Refined and in a class of its own this Gent’s saw available in three lengths will become the most used saw around the workshop. Inspired by an early London made pocket pistol and an amputation saw c1700, whereby the user needed complete control over their instrument, The Gentleman Jaq Saw not only stands out from the crowd, but has been engineered to be exacting in its performance.

Around for centuries, Gent’s Saws also referred to as ‘Beading Saws,’ ‘Fancy Back Saws’ and Jeweller’s Saws have been the most popular saws over time for cutting fine dovetails, thinner stock and joints in smaller scale work. As the name ‘Gentleman’s Saw’ suggests this type of saw was aimed towards craftspeople

 undertaking more refined and sophisticated work. For the last couple of hundred years at least the design of the Gent’s Saw has remained the same, a straight-backed saw with a turned handle. Whilst these can be comfortable, one of the main drawbacks to this design is that it is impossible for the user to be able to put the saw down, then pick it up again and naturally repeat hand placement. Shane’s uniquely designed elongated hook handle eradicates this problem and allows for a greater fluency when sawing.


  • The elongated hook handle makes the saw feel like it has a full pistol grip and allows for finger placement of your little finger. This provides the user with a consistent and repeatable control over the saw
  • The handcrafted tapered octagonal handle alone allows a firmness of grip which is free from rotation
  • It is perfectly balanced, light and nimble in the hand, thus making it extremely easy to control
  • The impeccable hand fluted back intersects down through the handle. This is a thicker section of material with a large amount of weight removed thus offering exceptional rigidity
  • The blade is uniquely tensioned within the saw back. This provides a constant high tension to the tooth line, therefore eliminating vibration and the possibility of the blade slipping or becoming loose.

I Name This Saw…

After me! By now you will have realised that there’s always a story behind both our saws and their given name. This one is simply that recently we had been watching the fantastic series on the BBC ‘Gentleman Jack’ portraying the fascinating life of 18th Century born Yorkshire woman, Anne Lister. Truly inspirational and beyond her time, this Halifax lass who was described as ‘The first modern lesbian,’ was an acutely astute business woman in essentially a man’s world. Owning shares in mines, canals, railways and stone quarries, she amassed a substantial financial portfolio and used her revenue to update her beloved home, Shibden Hall, as well as to finance her passion for European travel. Always wearing black, and described as masculine in appearance, Anne locally was often to referred to as ‘Gentleman Jack’ A somewhat derogatory title to which she magnanimously rose above. A keen diarist, she consistently wrote over 40,000 words whilst documenting every aspect of her life, with her most intimate encounters being written in code and which was later cracked in the 1930’s. I found Anne’s Lister’s story just intriguing and remarkable. With such a resilience of character I, as I’m sure others too were able to identify with some aspects of her life. The name of our saw therefore is a play on words and has a bit of a spin, for it is a Gent’s Saw named after a woman (me - Jaq) and again is inspired by an industrious woman, the original ‘Gentleman Jack’ (Anne Lister) Truly however, this is a delightful saw for all. This is the first saw to independently feature the J SKELTON stamp.

A beautifully designed lightweight saw with the versatility to tackle small joints from all angles.

  • 9 1/2" 
  • Features unique hand fluted brass back which intersects down through the handle finishing in an incurvate spear top
  • Canted blade 1-9/16” at heel to 1-7/16” at toe
  • 0.015” Plate thickness
  • Rip 20ppi / 19tpi
  • 0.002” Set per side
  • Elongated hooked handle in Bubinga with an Ebony collar
  • Stamped ‘LONDON’ & ‘J SKELTON’
  • Price £500.00 plus postage 

Rare opportunity to purchase a saw from us without the year plus wait. Beautiful Bubinga & Ebony handle. Made for a woodworking show in November that unfortunately due to restrictions has been cancelled. 


Gentleman Jaq Saw Bubinga Handle With Ebony Collar