A rare opportunity to purchase a fantastic new saw saw that Shane has just Completed. Number 2 Acton Bell Dovetail Saw from the new Bronte Range in Flamed Beech M-L handle so would fit a palm under 10cm ( Between 9 and 10cm would be best) Would make a great Christmas present! 

Longer description of the Bronte Range is on the website, but here's the specifications for this Acton Bell Saw....

From its elegant 18th century style horns, through to the sweeps and curves that effortlessly glove your hand, extended flat bottomed and chamfered half cheek and hand-fluted tapered brass back with blade radiused at the heel – This 11½” Dovetail saw has it all and is super for dovetailing and cutting small joints. The Brontë range has also been designed to sit well aesthetically with all of the saws that Shane designed in 2019/20 including The Gentleman Jaq and Archer Saws. Aptly named in honour of the youngest Brontë sister Anne, who’s work includes the ‘Tenant of Wildfell’ Hall’ and ‘Agnes Grey’ Unlike her sisters her writing is classed as ‘realism’ with feminist undertones highlighting themes of gender equality / separation / domestic abuse and alcoholism. She basically tells it like it is, and for that reason she is my favourite Brontë sister. Devoutly religious all her short life, Anne contracted tuberculosis and sought the sea air here in Scarborough in 1849 where she sadly died on the 28th May at the tender age of just 29. She lays to rest in St Mary’s Churchyard below Scarborough Castle facing towards her beloved Haworth, but also looking out to sea.

  • 11½” Dovetail Saw (Custom sizes can be agreed after consultation)
  • Unique retaining fluted brass back
  • Stamped LONDON to reflect the Brontë sisters publishing in London & stepping out of their native Yorkshire and comfort zone to achieve great things
  • Double stamped S. SKELTON / J. SKELTON reflective of the Brontës using two names both their pseudonyms and real names and also to signify our business partnership
  • Canted blade 1-5/16” at the heel to 1-5/8” at the toe
  • 0.015” Plate thickness
  • Open pistol grip handle in English Wimbledon Beech M-L  palm under 10cm
  • Half cheek design allowing for full utilisation of length and depth of blade
  • Rip cut 17ppi / 16tpi
  • 0.002” Set per side
  • Number 2 Saw
  • Cost £570.00 (Includes Postage)



Acton Bell 11 1/2" Dovetail Saw Number 2