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What is Peacock Wax?

A natural, innovative and luxurious wax finish in a 60ml tin!

Handmade in our own workshop, Peacock Wax is a unique blend of the world’s finest traditional oils and waxes. This lustrous finish provides a protective film for both previously sealed wood and bare metal surfaces.

Although initially developed for both our saws and the professional cabinetmaker as a one-stop wax to both finish and protect commissions and furthermore maintain tools whilst in use, we recognise that Peacock Wax would be suitable and beneficial to be used in a host of other industries.

Wood Protection:

Suitable for use on previously sealed wood, Peacock Wax will protect and enhance a variety of finishes including:

  • Skelton Saws Peacock Oil

  • French Polish (Shellac)

  • Oil finishes

  • Modern oil / wax blends e.g. Danish Oils

Metal Protection:

Suitable for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous steels, Peacock Wax provides a protective layer that seals against oxidisation therefore maintaining the brightness of both brass and bronze.

For ferrous metals the wax can either be used on bare metal for example on tools / cast iron or previously blued surfaces.

The Benefits

  • Easy and quick to use

  • Hard-wearing

  • It is a superior yet as natural as possible finish. As a family of allergy sufferers, it is always important for us to create something that will be suitable for the sensitive user. Peacock Wax is a blend of natural ingredients and is free from any harsh, overpowering odours, emitting only a slight but pleasant citrus smell

  • Enhances the finish beneath, providing an almost glow to the piece

  • Ideal for using on the sides of saw plates and the soles of plane irons, making the tool frictionless

  • Provides an element of weather-proof protection

  • It doesn’t finger mark

  • Has a tactile silky feel to the touch once hardened

  • Free from any artificial drying agents

  • Contains only the finest proven raw ingredients, some dating back to biblical times

  • It’s non-sticky. Unlike most other waxes available, Peacock Wax doesn’t soften through the warmth of your hands thus making it non-transferrable



How to Use

Always wear suitable gloves when applying.

On opening your tin of Peacock Wax, you will notice that the wax appears hard mimicking almost a bar of soap, do not be alarmed – it is magic!

  • Using a lint free cloth gently circulate it over the top of the wax. This friction will allow the wax to flow

  • Apply the wax directly to the surface of your given piece covering as much as possible from the cloth. You will notice that a little goes a long way, and are aiming for a very thin layer on your piece

  • Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes or until touch dry. You will notice that when dry the wax will take on a dull almost smoky appearance

  • Using a new clean lint free cloth buff until a deep sheen is achieved. At this point a   further application can be applied if required. (This finish will allow for build up using subsequent coats)

  • Best results can be seen 24-48 hours after application and unlike most wax finishes Peacock Wax will continue to harden over time

Material Safety Data Sheet