The 18''/20''/22''/24''/26” Skelton Hand Saw

  • 22''/24''/26” Traditionally made Hand saw

  • Encompasses all of the features of the Seaton Chest Hand Saw

  • Blade depth at the heel is 6 5/8” (As original in the Seaton Chest)

  • 0.045” (24''/26'') 0.040''(18''/20''/22'') Plate thickness

  • Fully taper ground plate

  • Hammer tensioned blade

  • Traditional closed handle pattern in either London or Dolphin bottom in a choice of high grade timbers size M-L (Other sizes can be custom made)

  • Rip 6ppi / 5tpi (Other tpi available)

  • Cost £595 or plus £35 postage per saw in the UK or £85 per saw for overseas destinations