Damascus Steel Saws

Damascus Steel was developed in secret over 2000 years ago by a team of highly skilled metalsmiths who were tasked to produce a superior strength and highly decorative steel. To produce this steel two different steels are forge welded together in a seamless lamination. The lamination is then hammer drawn out in length, folded in half and then forge welded together again. This process is repeated over and over again until a minimum of one hundred layers are produced. Once this stage has been reached the laminated billet can now be either twisted or corrugated using an array of techniques to form the many wonderful different pattern types available. We like some of the top London Gunmakers have favoured the elegant Dense Twist pattern to complement our saws. Once the saw back is made and has been heat treated it is then dipped into an acidic solution, this slowly dissolves on the steel to reveal the elaborate pattern.

The Damascus Steel back is available on all of our London Long Stroke Range of saws, prices are:

10 3/4" London Long Stroke Fine Dovetail  Saw - £1700

11 1/4" London Long Stroke Dovetail  Saw -£1800

13 3/4" London Long Stroke Fine Carcass Saw - £1900

18 1/4" London Long Stroke Fine Tenon Saw - £2000