The Currer Bell 14” Carcass Saw

Mirroring the life of the Brontë sisters, The Currer Bell Carcass Saw is an ideal companion to the Acton Bell Dovetail Saw. With all of the same exquisite looks, design features and the performance of what one would expect of such a high-quality tool, this would make the most versatile saw in your tool box. The longer plate with its smooth stroke allows for the ganging up of those deeper joints found in carcass furniture.

Named in honour of the eldest literary sister Charlotte Brontë, the Currer Bell Carcass Saw once again breaks new ground in saw construction. Likewise, Charlotte Brontë’s most famous work ‘Jane Eyre’ is also ground breaking for its time being written in the 1st person female voice. Of the three sisters I believe her and her work to be the most compelling. Despite being less than 5ft tall and often being described as some dainty little wallflower, should you study her letters and works you would realise that she was far from it! It was clear from a young age that Charlotte was passionate about getting her writing acknowledged by the masses and by the age of 20 was even writing to the Poet Laureate, Robert Southey to see what he thought of her work. Furthermore, she was passionate on all levels and believed that writing and art was most convincing when it was based on personal experience.

‘What you ignite in others must first burn inside yourself’ Charlotte Brontë

It would be true to say that her own passions and desires filtered through into her writing and indeed characters. Therefore, she is not as sanitised as commentators have in the past made her out to be but, determined to succeed, a little feisty and a touch lustful. Dare I say it not too unlike myself!

Outliving all of her siblings, Charlotte Brontë tragically died at 38 of pneumonia on the 31st March, 1855 along with her unborn child. She had married her father’s curate, Arthur Bell Nicholls the year before, and as he had been known to the Brontë’s for many years there is also speculation that the ‘Bell’ part of the Brontë sisters’ pseudonyms actually derived from his second name. This would also suggest a long-term affection. Another wonderful creative woman Charlotte Brontë, has provided inspiration and given pleasure through her words to so many throughout the centuries.

The Currer Bell Carcass Saw is available in three different tooth patterns and a choice of impeccable timbers to suit your tastes, but the look, feel, balance and precise working of this saw can only be aptly described as true poetry in motion!

  • 14” Carcass Saw (Custom sizes can be agreed after consultation)

  • Unique retaining fluted brass back

  • Stamped LONDON to reflect the Brontë sisters publishing in London & stepping out of their native Yorkshire and comfort zone to achieve great things

  • Double Stamped S. SKELTON / J. SKELTON reflective of the Brontë sisters using two names, both their pseudonyms and real names and also to signify our business partnership

  • Canted blade 2-3/8” at the heel to 2” at the toe

  • 0.018” Plate thickness

  • Open pistol grip handle in a choice of high-grade timbers custom made to palm size

  • Half cheek design allowing for full utilisation of length and depth of blade

  • Rip cut 15ppi / 14tpi 

  • Crosscut 16ppi / 15tpi

  • Fine Rip 16ppi / 15tpi

  • 0.003” Set per side

  • Cost £650 Plus £15 postage per saw in the UK or £30 per saw for overseas destinations

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