London Long Stroke 18 ¼” Lightweight Fine Tenon Saw

Featuring a closed handle and elegantly formed traditional tongue, this saw is lightweight and gives a very long stroke of cut. Although 18 ¾” long, in the hand it balances the same as our standard carcass saw. With its longer length and thin plate one is able to make a deeper cut and gang up multiple tenon shoulders.


  • 18 ¼” Lightweight Fine Tenon Saw

  • A uniquely tapered and shaped brass back

  • Canted blade 3-5/16” at the heel to 2-3/4” at the toe

  • 0.022” Plate thickness

  • 28° Handle hang

  • Closed handle in a choice of high grade timbers M-L (Other sizes can be custom made)

  • Rip 13ppi / 12tpi

  • Crosscut 14ppi / 13tpi

  • 0.0035” Set per side

  • Price £595 plus £20 postage per saw in the UK or £35 per saw for overseas destinations