London Long Stroke 13 ¾” Fine Carcass Saw

Extremely versatile this long lightweight carcass saw can be used to make most joints found in furniture joinery. Its universal nature means that one can perform tasks from dovetailing through to cutting tenons with this saw. Our most popular saw with professional cabinetmakers.


  • 13 ¾” Fine Carcass Saw

  • A uniquely tapered and shaped brass back

  • Canted blade 2-3/8” at the heel to 2” at toe

  • 0.018” Plate thickness

  • 38° Handle Hang

  • Open pistol grip handle in a choice of high grade timbers size M-L (Other sizes can be custom made)

  • Rip 15ppi / 14tpi

  • Fine Rip 16ppi / 15tpi

  • Crosscut 16ppi / 15tpi

  • 0.003” Set per side

  • Cost £495 plus £15 postage per saw in the UK or £30 per saw for overseas destinations

Limited Edition London Long Stroke 13 ¾” Fine Carcass Saw

Made exactly to the same specifications as our current London Long Stroke 13 ¼” Fine Carcass Saw, this is an exciting opportunity to be the proud owner of one of only ten distinctive saws to be exactingly handmade. Available in a timber of your choice and custom-made to fit, this limited-edition saw is doubled stamped with our traditional 18th Century style makers marks ‘S.SKELTON’ & ‘J.SKELTON’ on either side of the brass. Furthermore, the luxurious brass back is struck with ‘LONDON’ In recognition of the original London made saw crafted by William Squire back in the mid 1700’s. The saw which inspired the designs of our entire London Long Stroke Range. Filed to the customer’s choosing, the 13 ¼” is a truly universal saw in its usage and will appeal to all woodworkers and collectors alike. Cost £650 Plus £15 Postage in the UK or £20 for overseas destinations.

Limited Edition Fine Carcass 7.jpg
Limited Edition Fine Carcass 5.jpg
Limited Edition Fine Carcass 2 .jpg
Limited Edition Fine Carcass 4 .jpg
Limited Edition Fine Carcass Saw 6.jpg