12” Carcass Saw

A true companion in looks to the Skelton Dovetail Saw, the versatile Carcass Saw shares many of the same features whilst being up scaled and balanced proportionally. Noticeably bigger, the blade thickness has increased to .020” and the brass is both deeper and heavier and within keeping of the 18th Century saws that inspire my work. The Carcass Saw can be purchased in either rip cut or crosscut.

  • 12” Carcass Saw 

  • Canted blade 2-5/16” at heel to 2-1/16” at toe

  • 45° Handle hang

  • Premium timber open pistol grip handle size M-L (Other sizes can be custom made)

  • Rip cut 14ppi / 13tpi – 8° Rake Angle

  • Crosscut 15ppi / 14tpi – 12° Rake Angle / 15° Fleam

  • Cost £465 Plus £15 per saw postage in the UK or £25 per saw for overseas destinations