London Long Stroke 11 ¼” Dovetail Saw

Being beautifully designed for cutting straight dovetails and small joints makes the 11 ¼” a popular choice for a variety of woodworkers. Differing slightly from the fine dovetail saw, it features a deeper depth of cut and a low hang angle which is ideal for when you are working parallel to your workbench. Furthermore its longer length enables the swift ganging up of joints. With the ability to cut through dovetails this saw is ideal for cutting joints when chair making.


  • 11 ¼” Dovetail Saw

  • A uniquely tapered and shaped brass back

  • Canted blade 1-15/16”at the heel to 1-5/8” at the toe

  • 0.015” Plate thickness

  • 40° Handle hang

  • Open pistol grip handle in a choice of high grade timbers size M-L (Other sizes can be custom made)

  • Rip cut 17ppi / 16tpi

  • 0.002” Set per side

  • Cost £475  Plus £15 postage in the UK or £25 for overseas destinations