10” Dovetail Saw

Handcrafted from the finest quality timber, the handle of the Skelton Dovetail Saw is produced from beautifully figured rosewood or a timber of your choice.

Made from the highest quality high carbon Swedish Spring Steel, the blade is heat treated to 50-52 rc and has a thickness of .018” and the depth being 1-11/16” at the heel canted down to 1-7/16” at the toe. Each individual tooth is skilfully cut out using a traditional fly press producing 15tpi / 16ppi. The teeth are then expertly hand filed rip profile to a rake angle of 8° and set to give .003” per side set. We find that this rake angle provides a smooth start to the cut without compromising on cutting speed.

  • 10” Dovetail Saw

  • Canted blade 1-11/16” at heel to 1-7/16” at toe

  • 50° handle hang

  • Premium timber open pistol grip handle size M-L (Other sizes can be custom made)

  • Rip Cut 16ppi /15tpi - 8° Rake Angle

  • Crosscut 16ppi/15tpi – 12° Rake Angle / 15° Fleam

  • Cost £425 Plus £15 for postage in the UK and £25 for overseas destinations